Technological Articles and Works

Bucharest, Rumania from 1978 to 1981        

        Here is the list or technological articles & works published by Ing. Hedi Enghelberg, during the period 1978 to 1981, as a engineering student in the Faculty of Technological Equipment, Construction Institute of Bucharest (ICB), Rumania.

Student's Scientific Communication Report Review


Articel Title Coordinator Year publsihed
Method of inspection and determination of mechanical specification and properties of special upgrade steel, employed for the contact efforts. Lector Ing. T. Mutiu Abril 27-28, 1978
The Universe Temperature Prof. Dr. Ing. N. Leonachescu March 28-29, 1980
The Sonic therory and practical aplications Conf.Dr. Ing. A. Maruta March 27-28, 1980
Functional model for an automobile/vehicle powered by a flywheel Lect. Dr. Ing. A. Raicu March 28, 1980
Method of choosing the right material & special  carbon steel for shafts and gears used in  speed reduction gears for general use. Lect. Ing. T. Zlateanu March 28-29, 1980
Special auto-adaptable plastform for trans-modal (containers) transport Lect. Ing. R.Constantin April 10-11, 1981
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Bucharest, Rumania from 1978 to 1981        


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