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When the minds, soul and hearts of about 10% of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world are fervently set on international terrorism, inspired by radical religious beliefs and calls for suicide attacks, this reality becomes very difficult to deal with in order to find a fast and politically-correct solution.

Fifty cents of every dollar spent at the pump for fuel goes to oil exporting countries and return, recycled in the form of terrorism. This reality is also difficult to change.

If one only considers the curricula of the Arab/Muslim world, it appears that we can perhaps win this round on the War on terror.   However, new generations are being indoctrinated into the culture of hate and intolerance.  Unfortunately, they are indoctrinated: to hate life and achievements, and to submit themselves instead to total sacrifice in the name of religion and martyrdom. Just watch television in the Arab world or listen to their radio broadcasts. The culture of hate & intolerance comprises about 85% of their programs.

 Muslim society finds itself in the grips of an intransigent religion which has been hijacked and an ideology that is choking it, as if suffering from a virus that does not let her breathe.  Judging by how their alumnae are taught, one can see that the situation for now, at least is hopeless.

 It is impossible to oppose the total sacrifice of kamikaze-like suicides. The Japanese kamikazes, however, were defending the Emperor and their home land. The first kamikaze missions started in September 13th, 1944 (any coincidence with September 11, 2001!?) and was carried by fighters from the 31st Fighter Squadron. By the end of October 1944, 55 kamikaze airplanes damaged a large escort naval American force, with seven carrier hit and another 40 escort vessels were damaged: five sunk, 23 were damaged and 12 suffered moderate damage. Thus Captain Masafumi Arima’s idea  of using the 26th Air Flotilla kamikaze tactics to totally destroy bases with men who were totally dedicated and fought with ardor for their ideology proved effective. The Japanese propaganda machine went to work when Arima was killed by crashing his plane into the USS Franklin (Essex-Class large carrier): he was promoted to the rank of Admiral (posthumously) and given official credit for the first kamikaze attack. The “high season” of the kamikaze attacks was during the Battle of Okinawa (April-June, 1945), but by then, new tactics were in place to effectively defend navy ships.

In the current “terrorist’s world”, we can appreciate the similarity with the Japanese suicide bombers: you do the act; we will do the propaganda...afterwards. All the knowledge of the Japanese was transferred to the Muslims. Simply put, there was nothing to invent after the Japanese had perfected the tactic. For Muslim religious leaders, the mission was simple: just find something to fight for and a cement to unite them in the cause: to fight Western Culture, symbolized by  the U.S. and twist the religion just a little bit to fit the agenda.

After rigorous training, brainwashing into a harsh religion & rigorous physical training and sexual attrition, the young person is ready for the ultimate sacrifice: he will know that his picture and name will be on big billboards, everybody will admire him, the video will be broadcast by TV stations (Arab and Westerns….), that his family will be taken care of by the terrorist network with money and a better social standing and ultimately, the best reward of all, 77 virgins in heaven, waiting just for him.  Not only young and adolescent men are recruited; women of all ages are also coming into the arena of martyrdom.   Muslim terrorist propaganda is running such a successful show and rewarding with such great prizes for the winners, that for many young persons who have been indoctrinated into hate in such an environment the temptation is too high. No wonder the program is so successful!

There are only a few things that can be done stop the program:

  • ·      There should be No money for rewards
  • ·      There should be No recognition in the media and by the media, Arab, Muslim or Western
  • ·      There should be No higher social status granted to the  family, and perhaps civil penalties should be incurred by the surviving family members (of a suicide bomber)
  • ·      A new style of education with new values must be implemented, starting at the very first level of elementary school
  • ·      We must bring about an end to hate-propaganda, sponsored by the State, Religious Organizations, Institutions or Mosques
  • ·      There must be a change brought about in the religious teachings and and in the Mosque/meeting/congregation approach
  • ·      There must be a strong condemnation of these acts (suicide bombers and terrorism) by the lay & moderate factions within Muslim society
  • ·      There must be strong global condemnation and financial embargo measures must be imposed against states and organizations that finance terror
  • ·      We must eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels for energy and invest heavily on alternative energy

 As voters, we can put pressure on politicians and open this discussion in every country large or small, strong or weak.

The terrorist groups that popped up in Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, US, Spain, England (which has a large home-grown Arabic constituency), Russia, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Lebanon, could one day become united under better leadership as a result of improved technology.

 Muslim terrorism will result as an even greater threat than the secular Nazi one. The religious factor, killing and the attacking in the name of a divine figure and not a secular one, is far more difficult to combat. The Nazis started a war that concluded with no less than 55 million dead and 200 million wounded, displaced and missing. No WMD were available in the European theater of war at the time.

 Only with a concentrated & strong effort on the part of Western and Asiatic societies will we prevail. Educating young generations of Arabs and Muslims into a culture of life  is a must.



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