To much American sacrifice!!!



 My heart cries for every American soldier that died, was wounded or was kidnapped in Iraq and Afghanistan!

 My heart cries for every Israeli soldier that died in Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon!

 All of them are the very front line of defense in the war on terror!!!

 I think that the American generosity is too much! USA still behaves as a country and a global player. By the contrast, a lot of things are changing in the “Old Europe” after the Soviet Union’s collapse. The European countries lost their abilities to be a country and behaves instead as a corporation. The Corporate European two dozen+ countries wrapped in they blue union flag and with their common currency can and should contribute more to this was effort on Terrorism Global War. They will not be spared by the “beast of war” which will have direct or collateral damages in theyr societies.

 This war (Global War on Terror) cannot be more global then it is already. Some (countries) do make a symbolic contribution, but simply they do not have the critical mass to make a decisive difference in altering the realities on the ground. The "other" troops, beside Americans and British, are modestly almost dedicated to second line combat. 

Europe is corporate now! They are weak today, beside one of their today’s member: Germany, that during the WWII, almost win the war alone. They lost the war because the atrocities they committed, war crime, some big tactical and strategically mistakes (who do not make mistake at war?!) and because simply they did not have the necessary logistics & manpower for a prolonged war. It was for American war effort that tilted the balance alone, her vast technological and manpower logistics, which saved Europe in the last hour. If is was not for the American help, Europe as we know it before the 1938-1939, will be today a Germanic-speaking territory.

 In the Korean War, again, the Americans saved the day and paid the dues in blood and high sacrifice. In Vietnam, they stopped the expansion of soviet and china-made communisms. The American enrolment in the Cold War made the Soviet and Chinese doctrine’s marketing very expensive for Soviet Union and China. Going around the globe and franchising Communism was becoming a difficult, expensive and dangerous business...

 The Europeans are weak and they prove it all along from 1945 on. They couldn’t deal by themselves a single regional, continental or even more, a global war. The Balkans and the ex-Yugoslavia’s tragedy is a cruel and vivid testimony to this indifference and peace-time military capability. If is was not (again) for the heavy American air cover and well armed, trained and equipped American troops, the genocide will go on even today. And one can wonder how the Jewish Holocaust could happen, when other Holocausts are happening even today, under our eyes watching war on Internet.

 Why they do not help America and Israel in the war against Islamic Terror: because they are week, to not want to commit, are not equipped for a modern war, don’t have the money and the stomach for the cruel urban guerilla warfare we encounter today from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Africa to Asia. When I refer to Europe, please include, in this case only, the Russia and the China. All of them are sitting in front of their plasmas televisions (made in China) and watch CNN and the death tool slowly rising in a civil-war torn Iraq.

 Yes, you may argue that other countries are on this with America, but they do not see much combat beside the American and English troops. Some limited actions are conducted by the Canadians and Australians, and if you see and analyze it all, all are Commonwealth countries.

 To bad that 3,500+ American soldiers died in the sands and dusty street of Iraq, the flower of the American spear-head military power. Too much!!! And not even to mention 25,000 wounded people from this conflict; and even not to count the civil population caught in the cross firing. And now we have kidnapped soldiers for ransom.

 To bad that again, in almost a century of well documented history, the American have to be called again and again to save the World. They can be helped! But the “other world” is just too yellow to do it.

 And for what are American dieing there?!

To bring democracy for people who are not yet prepared to deal in a democratic way!

They do not learn about democracy in schools! They do not read about democracy in them liberties or religious places! They do no hear about democracy in they radio and television stations! Maybe they will generate a democracy type society within the Muslim or Islamic religion.

All they see in they mass-media communications is terror wrapped in religion. And this (terror and killings) is all they know and employ. Have a look at the Iraq civil atrocities between the Shiite and Sunni communities. But of course they are exceptions, but in this case the exception does make the rule.

 Why the Arab and “Moderate Muslims Countries” are not putting together a strong military peace force in order to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan. There is peace force in A F R I C A!  And they (African countries) do not have the money the Aram states are collecting from oil. for every 1 dollar we spend on gas at the pomp, $0.50 goes to a Arab or Muslim state. The poor Ethiopia helped Somalia deal with the terrorist militia of the Islamic Courts. Why the rich Arab countries cannot help Iraq and Afghanistan and Sudan?

  A cannot advise America what to do.

But this I know: the Europeans + {Russia, France, Germany] + China are not helping, militarily, economically or diplomatically.  There will be a time when why will call on America to save them! Again!?

 I am sure they will have the “chutzpah” to call the Americans again, when in big troubles. The Europeans know how to ask nicely and the Americans (generous as usual) will send help, again! Or maybe not?!


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