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   Years ago I was convinced that a New Holocaust was not possible. For many years I was like a ship in a safe harbour, feeling strong forces, military and political commitments around me, which will not permit this to happen again.

As well, after 1945, there were new geo-political conditions favourable or the mind setting was not focused on mass extermination (beside the Cold War era and the possibility of an atomic war)

 Today, continually, I am convinced that this can happen again. Not in the sense of Russians Pogroms, or Nazi-SS European methods of the WWII. No, this time will be different. We have evolved and we have new mean of mass killings.

   We have seen genocide of unimaginable scale, occurring under our eyes in 1990's in the "civilized" Europe, in the very centre of the old continent, in the ex-Yugoslavia republics. No one had the military power or political will to intervene, until to late. Again, only with the help of the Americans, the conflict was pacified and the crimes revealed. Even some were broth to justice.

From April to mid July 1994, in Rwanda, genocide occurred. "Africa", the continent everyone ignores and nobody did nothing. When hundred of thousands of ethnic Tutsis (and thousand of moderate Hutu) were brutally slaughtered, in less than 100 days buy two militias groups of extremist Hutu. The conflict only ended by external intervention and after the Hutu government was overthrew by a Tutsi movement under the Rwandan patriotic Front, led by Paul Kagane. After the internal conflict ended (that ignited other small regional wars), more than 800,000-1,000,000 bodies (500,000+ Tutsi) were counted, mutilated in such a manner, the WWII horror were invoked again.

 In Darfur Region (Western Sudan) genocide of "biblical proportion and cruelty" is taking place, in these very moments, and nobody cares too much. As the Holocaust, this genocide is direct by government forces and its Arab franchise groups, the "Janjaweed" and the cause of death is almost the same as in the Holocaust: violence, disease, exposure and starvation. More than 2,5 millions people have been displaced and thousand die each month, from the same reasons. The U.N. estimates that until the beginning of 2007, more than 450,000 were left dead from violence and diseases. It is difficult to twist arms of the local Islamic government, when other countries behave as corporation, respond to big interests as the oil industry and block the foreign intervention. As well, the one nation that can project power and implement some kind of humanitarian aid the U.S. , is over-stretched from Iraq, to Afghanistan, from0 Europe to South Korea and Philippines. It is estimated that 9-10,000 people are been killed every month in Darfur. The Sudanese government is very part in suppressing the information on Darfur and the cover up is official policy: the jail or murder the witnesses of this tragic event, they tamper with evidence or eliminate forensic trails. (See U.N. Security Council Resolution 1706, UN peace keeping force superior of 17,300 troops)

The other modern nations are only side spectators and modest participants in peace missions, not in the front line military operations. Their political willingness (Europeans) and desire to involve them selves is low. Even mighty NATO, that was a deterrence force during the Cod War, it is now only a hollow organization, conducting small operation in Afghanistan.

 One may think that with the today's telecommunications developments, when an instant message or video clip can be posted in Internet in a matter of seconds and viewed or downloaded in the same time, we will be ashamed that in our small planet something this horrible (as Darfur raping and killings) can occur. But somehow the big, general public is continued to me mesmerized by banal and trivial TV shows like American Idol, movie starlets or mundane shows in the European television.

If we can have crimes as in Chechnya or Taliban bands terrorizing villages in the remote Afghanistan, then our very existence it is in great and imminent danger. If we have rouge nations aspiring at atomic weapons, with the mind set into implementing them or exporting them to terrorist groups, when we are really doomed.

 When the terrorist act and conduct war from within civil population areas, and take then as shields (as Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War) and the army have to behave civilized, at an extent to extend his own fatalities or when American soldiers are dying on the Bagdad streets during peace patrols, then even the very conduction or war have to be changed.

When in Bagdad we have Shiite areas targeted by Sunni suicide bombers (insurgents) by the hundreds and religious Shiia militias (Mehdi Army) killing at night the same amount of peoples killed during the day by bombs, then we are in a cycle we simply cannot win.

 Is the political, social and military situation of the Middle East and Africa in which we don't see a viable implementation with a diplomatic-political solution?  

We know that there is not a military solution to the conflict, but the terrorists and the Islamic fundamentalism (as a religious ideology) leaders are reading the principles of Gottfried von Clausewitz the other way around. When Clausewitz describe "war as a merely continuation of politics" what we see today is the international war against terror as a clash of civilizations with religion as the main engine, conducting the political agenda and the war. But the things are more complicated than the conclusions of a Prussian general anchored in the theories and practices of Europe’s end of XIX century. In the Middle East sands not everything of the European philosophy applies. Between the sun and the sands of the desert, there are other laws.   

   Europe is void of political or military power but full of rhetoric: a simple political show for its domestic audiences.  Europe is a target of small terrorist attacks, which yet have not accumulated a "critical mass" as in the Sept. 11th 2001 attacks. USA and his small band of allies are left almost alone to police the world, the very world we all live in.

   During the Jewish Holocaust (1939-1945), nobody moved a finger to stop the slaughters of millions of Jews and the Nazis found many collaborators. In the last 4-5 genocides since 1990's hardly anyone helped and help arrived was only too late for millions of victims.

  So can we hope for a special treatment? And should we wait for it!!! We, alone, should defend ourselves of our enemies. We should not request help from anybody. We should be self-sufficient in the defence of our rights of to be and to live as free people.

  From Madrid to Moscow and to Tokyo, from Rabat to Bagdad, to Teheran to Sudan and to South Africa we have to raise the world conscience that a New Holocaust, this time not a Jewish one, is taking place in Darfur/Western Sudan. Some other small genocide, disguised as civil wars and religious struggles, are occurring daily, under own eyes and we see them on television, Internet or our digital phones.

We have to more and conquer our inertia! Everything we do, even a shot email or a phone call is important.

We have to denounce the injustice and the killings of innocent people, every where in the world, from genocides to "Cultural Revolutions" (China), to the Killing Fields of Cambodia (Khmer Rouge), to the ethnic cleansing in the former –Yugoslavia, to the religious crimes of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the "Civil & Religious War in Iraq or the Communist Suppression of the civic liberties in Cuba.

We have to bring to justice all the criminals, responsible and political instigators that produced these genocides! The terrorist have to be broth to justice!

We have to ask each other, everyday, with what we have contributed to the world peace!!!   

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