It is difficult to be SuperMan!



 I think is difficult to be Superman! Unlike Batman who is more local, with an operational area limited to Gotham City, or Spiderman, limited to Manhattan burrow, Superman is global.

 After almost a 20-year absence from the big screen, the return of the Man of Steel is being heralded by people from all continents: in the actual movie he was out only for a few years. He is back and everybody is happy!

Is difficult to save people around the worlds, to witness the endless daily human drama, from accidents and evil, fight for your life from people (with a special agenda…) as Lex Luthor, stay as far away of Kryptonite and keep a steady and demanding job… and now it seems that have to be a father as well….

 As well as a civilian, you have to curtail a banal and sparkles woman (Lois Lane) those only achievements was to meet Superman in his lonely moments, and take flights together. To bad that for this they give away a Pulitzer price.

 As well the encounter of banal/human to exceptional/supernatural is more philosophical than mental and carnal. A lot of cultures around the world are addressing this subject of love, in human term between human and eternal. Is cannot be achieved in our terms.

 We are limited and live in a limited world. It is difficult for Superman to live here. Only for oxygen and food, maybe we can be a reliable supplier, but not for love, understanding, companionship and emergency medical services.

 Unlike Batman, who have a very good and reliable help, in his all-time battler and mentor, Superman acts and operates alone, on a global and sometime in a intergalactic dimension.

 It is not funny to be alone at the top. Even the god of gods, Zeus, has a court of many small gods and sometime spends time with mortal females.

 Aldo the spirit of Supermen springs from the very belief of the American people of doing well at expense of nothing material or maybe a small and sincere recognition, as we see it at a global scale today. The superman education is the same, pure and basic, and sometime naïve in its simplicity.

 Even Superman cannot be in all places at one time, and saving everybody. Small tragedies are part of our hazardous and complicated today’s life, and interference means interfering with Mother Nature, other paramount God.

 Maybe he have to concentrate on the Big God, as sometimes he, Batman and Spiderman are doing, battling the local/global momentous not evil representation, (because always we assimilate bad with evil, as a religious counterpart of Good/God…), but the bad people at a given point in space and time.

 Bad people will always exist, and today maybe more than at any given time in human history. The terrorism is very much global and the fight against it is very difficult, because is not a frontal and know enemy, as in conventional wars.

 Superman acts on the outer boundaries of the human law. He is alone and misunderstood. Maybe the fatherhood will cheer him up!

 But he is free and freedom is power!


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